Port of Wakkanai on Hokkaido, JAPAN
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Port of Wakkanai is the gateway to the World on the northest end of Hokkaido island, Japan.The Port has many experience to accept foerign vessels.

Port of Wakkanai is close to Sakhalin island and the Port is very useful for vessels to work for Oil and Gas development.

This website will show you functions of the Port and some information on Wakkanai area. You can find many about Wakkanai at the website.

This website is organaized by "Wakkanai Association of Japan-Russia Economic Exchange". The Association is consists of companies and organizations in Wakkanai area that is interested in trading, technic exchange with Russian people or doing other business with them.

The Association thinks that information on the Port "for foerign people" (in English) can be important. If people from many countries would know about the Port and they would come here, the situation should make many chanse to work for people in Wakkanai.

When you have questions on the Port or Wakkanai area, no need to hesitate asking the Association.

Editor of the website

Wakkanai House of Japan-Russia Friendship"Wakkanai Association of Japan-Russia Economic Exchange"

Suehiro 3-4-1, Wakkanai, Hokkaido, 097-0001 JAPAN
e-mail : port_of_wakkanai@yahoo.co.uk

The Association's office is locatad in "Wakkanai House of Japan-Russia Friendship". The House is called "NICHIRO YUKO KAIKAN" in Japanese.

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